TestoFuel Experiences
Does This Testosterone Booster Work?
We take a look at what some people have been saying about TestoFuel; the popular UK-made testosterone booster. Should we trust user reviews? What about celebrity testimonials.
TestoFuel is one of the most popular testosterone boosting supplements in the UK, if not the world. It may not appear on the shelves at your local GNC, but this stuff is used by natural bodybuilders around the world. But how good is it?

Let's take a look at the formula and some user reviews to find out!
The reason most people rave about TestoFuel is the quality of the formula. According to many, the reason this is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market is because it uses tried and tested ingredients, in the right combination, at the right doses. But is the formula really that good? What does the scientific literature have to say about the ingredients in TestoFuel? What has LIVE Magazine had to say about it?

Despite the reservations that many people may have about testosterone boosters, TestFuel really does have a lot of scientific evidence backing it up! Take a look at the formula for yourself and you'll see what we mean:
As you can see, TestoFuel has an excellent formula. These ingredients are all proven testosterone boosters - they all have their own unique properties, and they contribute to higher testosterone levels, faster muscle growth, and a healthier libido in different ways.

Here are some of the key ingredients and how they work!

D-Aspartic Acid - This amino acid acts as a powerful anabolic trigger. It stimulates the release of something called Luteinizing Hormone from the pituitary gland. Luteinizing Hormone - or LH - then tells your testicles to start pouring out more testosterone. This relationship has been observed in multiple clinical trials.

Panax Ginseng - Ginseng is a staple in testosterone boosters, and for very good reason. It has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Modern science has found out why it is such a reliable libido booster - it rapidly increases the production of most androgenic hormones in the body, including testosterone. It also seems to decrease prolactin too!

Vitamin D - TestoFuel provides a very nice dose of Vitamin D. This vitamin is much more similar to a hormone than other vitamins, with regards to the way it acts in the human body at least. Vitamin D governs a wide range of bodily processes. It seems that among those is the production and release of testosterone. Low Vitamin D levels correlate highly with low testosterone levels, and vice versa. Most people are low in Vitamin D, so supplementing with a nice big dose - like the 5000IU in TestoFuel - is a good way to go.

What are others saying about TestoFuel?
It's important to look at the nuts and bolts of a product before you use it. But it's also important to check out what others users have made of the a supplement before you try it yourself. Here are a couple of TestoFuel user reviews and testimonials for you to check out before you think about using it yourself.
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